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  1. Well. Answered my own question. These fit...

    Well. Answered my own question. These fit perfectly! Just went through a pack, bashing relatively hard, with no issues. On top of that, I was able to install these pins much easier than I could with...
  2. Inner Drive Cup Replacement for 8655R (CVD Center Driveshaft Upgrade)

    Does anyone know if the inner drive cups (5153) for 5650R will work with 8655R for the E-Revo 2.0? It is my understanding that the components are essentially the same, aside from the actual shaft...
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    Any luck with heatsinks/cooling fans?

    I've had an eye out for some effective, durable fans for my 4-Tec VXL (Velineon 3500). Any tried an true suggestions?
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