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    I'll tell you what I've observed, having recently...

    I'll tell you what I've observed, having recently started down this path. Running a 3S battery in my stock Slash 4x4 Platinum with 13T/54T gearing, I clocked it just a hair under 45 mph (by strapping...
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    Is my VXL-3S ESC dead ALREADY!?

    I have < 3 hours run time with my Slash 4x4 Platinum, and I fear the ESC is already kaput. I've read multiple posts with the same symptoms as mine, but none that describe exhaustive troubleshooting,...
  3. Stampede extended battery compartment flaw - unsafe?

    After buying the Traxxas kit to elevate the ESC and receiver (3725X) for my Stampede VXL, I've found something about it I don't much care for at all: this ~1/4" gap between the rear of the battery...
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