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    I got it figured out if anyone is having issues...

    I got it figured out if anyone is having issues with firmware update issues do the following
    1 make sure all the batteries in the X-Maxx and Traxxas TQI remote are fully charged
    2 make sure you...
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    issues updating the 8s firmware

    i just picked up a good running traxxas 8s esc and im trying to upgrade the 8s firmware and i have the bluetooth module and latest app version and i can see the update for the esc but then it...
  3. What Batteries are best for X-Maxx 6s/8s

    i have 2 traxxas 3s 8400mah lipo's and the traxxas duel charger
    i have heard that the Traxxas Batteries are not that good at all and are fire hazzards and should not use them i have 2 lectron pro...
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    X-Maxx 6s Telementry Issues

    i bought and installed the BT wireless module and set it all up
    it still has the 2 stock sensors and i installed the traxxas software on my phone and is latest version and updated the remote and esc...
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    Firmware check on esc and remote

    on my original X-Maxx 6s how do i check or know if the firmware is upto date on the 6s/8s esc and remote
    what do you need to do to check
  6. programmer for the the traxxas 6s and 8s esc

    my question is can we use the Castle link programmer to check for firmware and make change settings on the Traxxas X-Maxx ESC both 6s and 8s esc. after all the traxxas esc are made by castle
  7. i need advice which esc should i get

    i'm currently going through my X-Maxx 6s an working on upgrades im taking out the stock 6s speed controller i don't want any fires
    which one should i get the Traxxas 8s esc or the Hobby wing max 6...
  8. X-Maax 6s to 8s conversion Lubrication Question

    I'm going through my New to me X-Maxx 6s and starting the upgrades to make it an 8s my question is what lubes are needed or preferred for the diffs gears and shocks which weights (diffs 20million...
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    Sticky: Here are Pictures of my New to me X-Maxx 6s
  10. Picked up a used X-Maxx 6s today it's my first one may have Questions

    Hello all i just Picked up my first X-Maxx its the original 6s version
    im new to this size truck and in the process of going through it
    what should i look for and should i change all the fluids...
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