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  1. Would like diagram or picture of TQi 2.4 ghz 2-channel transmitter IC board

    I have a model 6509R that I just upgraded to recently. I got the 2 channel transmitter instead of the 4 because of availability. If someone has a pic handy of the channel 3 and 4 pinout with an...
  2. Integy silver shocks with reservoir shock rod ball end too large

    I have a tmaxx 3.3 that I bought used and it came with a set of integy shocks that don't have a model number on them. They are aluminum and silver in color. The rod ends are just slightly too large...
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    I noticed the same problem with mine lately after...

    I noticed the same problem with mine lately after i removed the transmission to replace some gears. It might need some grease on the rod where it goes into the tranny? Haven't tried it myself yet but...
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