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    Ruslter VXL drive shaft upgrade?

    I've had my VXL for about two months and one of the first things I noticed about it was how untrue or bent the drive shafts were. It was like this from day one because I very carefully inspected...
  2. What AMP setting to charge the NiMH battery?

    I am charging the Traxxas 8.4 V 3,000 mah battery. I have the EZ Peak and also a Thunder charger. With the Thunder, I can set the AMP rate when charging. I've read that you need to set the AMP...
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    It's not new. He's probably driven the car about...

    It's not new. He's probably driven the car about 20 times. I'm sure it would have much more life in it if the boy driving it had let off the throttle when the car got stuck.
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    Titan 550 replacement options?

    My son has a Traxxas Rustler and the motor burned out. I think this was due to abuse from a child that was driving the car and got it stuck under a real car tire and would not let off the throttle. ...
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