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  1. Aton won't arm itself... PreArm: AHRS not healthy

    I'm going to call Traxxas in the morning but I thought I'd post it here too.

    Aircraft won't arm it self. I'm getting the following notification in the APP: "PreArm: AHRS not healthy"

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    No, just recording. I guess the GPS antenna in...

    No, just recording. I guess the GPS antenna in the spoiler/bridge is just too sensative to interference. What's funny is with the GoPro off it's fine, but turn it on and it will lose the signal.
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    GoPro interferes with GPS signal

    So I want to mount my GoPro Hero3 to the top of the Aton for a FPV type of video. I'll still be flying LOS. In a test flight tonight, the Aton would not establish a GPS lock until I removed the...
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