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    super deal aaa+++
  2. i want to up grade to brushless what is the way to go ? traxxas Velineon /castle sct

    thanks for the reply in advance ! what is the best bang for the buck the traxxas Velineon /castle sct or the lepord brushless off ebay for 72.00 with the program card or do you have a better...
  3. sold where do i send the paypal daryle

    sold where do i send the paypal daryle
  4. gearning for a 2wd on a castle 5700 from velineon 3500 with 23/86 stock gearing ?

    is there a chart somewhere ? i like the stock gearing on the velineon 3500 [23/86] , but i have installed a 5700 and do not know how to get back to the right gear ? thank you for the help up front ...
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    nctraxxas tires/hubs/shafts

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++ thanks daryle
  6. thanks for responding .i knew you traxxas guru"s...

    thanks for responding .i knew you traxxas guru"s would come tru for me!!!!!!!!!!!! daryle
  7. what are the widest a arm i can put on a 2wd slash [ rear and front]

    what are the widest a arm i can put on a 2 wd slash rear and front [mabe rustler ? thanks in advance daryle
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    Sticky: 2wd setup sheet ?????

    is there a 2wd setup sheet somewere like the Steve Slayden 4x4 setup ? shock oil and springs mostly what i want thank everyone and anybody that has the time to reply daryle
  9. best nimh to buy for my slash [titan 12turn]

    no lipos as of yet, but would like to upgrade my battery what do you all think of the tenergy 8.4 5000 ? [ just looking for the most bang for my buck ][ mabe tell me what to buy and where to...
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    hpi buggy

    wanted an old baja buggy that needs a motor or repair .the kids need something to practice with [crash] before i buy a nice buggy.thanks for your help. i just hate to buy a nice buggy only to be...
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    monster buggy

    looking for monster buggy with bad motor or parts buggy or just parts
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    gas buggy parts wanted

    hello i have a gas buggy and i would like to buy a parts buggy or any spare parts that you would like to sell. thanks daryle
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