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    Traxxas Slash 5805 With Spectrum

    I have a slightly used slash 5805 with a few extras. This slash was used about 5 times in my back yard and was never raced. I have all the maunals and tools and even the origanal box. It comes with a...
  2. Traxxas Jato 3.3 less then month old

    up for sale used Jato i purchesed this in middle of july 09 its way to fast for me i used it 4 times its broke in properly as stated in the manual it has 9 tanks of nitro ran threw it exalent...
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    Sticky: hears a cool slash i put togeather
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    thanks guys i wont do metal and il get a few...

    thanks guys i wont do metal and il get a few pinions to try with the 86 spur is there any other things i should do for handling i bought new tires proline bow ties m3s and proline epic beadlock rims...
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    gearing ?s

    i got a slash and i put the novak hovoc 13.5 motor in it. I want to go racing with it. what do people recomend ? i am kinda new to all this but i am slowly learning. i would like to know the pinion...
  6. 5809 Revo 3.3 Moded Integry Rd logistics $800$ Firm

    This is a new revo 3.3 5809 series. It has less then half of a gallon of fuel ran threw it. I hate to sell it but i had some unexpected expenses. I paid 500 shiped for this brand new from...
  7. thanks

    thanks guys i orderd that servo part cause thats what the prob was it was just spining on the servo and i bought sway bar set up just wating for the parts to come then ill update u thanks alot !!
  8. Need help with the brand new revo!!!!

    i messed up the stock stering servo blew the gears out of it now i bought a hitec one with metal gears but it keeps slping on the gear any ideas how to fix it ??? also the suspension is to loose...
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