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    Sirio .18-TX or Fantom FR18

    I installed the Sirio TX-18 three weeks ago. This truly is a racing engine. It's got good power through all RPM's and runs in the 240's for me. I broke it in using these guidelines...
  2. When this happened, I removed the glowplug,...

    When this happened, I removed the glowplug, turned the truck upside down and ran the ez start for about 10 to 15 seconds. The fuel that was in the cylinder quickly came out and I reinstalled the...
  3. $C-Note$: if the easy start fits the sirio why wouldnt the pull start?

    When I purchased the Sirio, I noticed a pull start model was also available. That led me to believe that there might be a problem with the factroy pull start matching up to the block or even being...
  4. I noticed you said you are heat cycling your engine

    The Sirio break in procedures aren't very clear so I'm using the break in procedures found on this page it has been the most successful break in procedure I've used to...
  5. My EZ Start isn't turning over my Sirio TX18

    I just got my Sirio 18 installed and sarted it three times. After my third heat cycle during break in, my ez start quit working. It turns the motor over for about three to five revolutions and...
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    I finally got some time this weekend to try some...

    I finally got some time this weekend to try some of the suggestions. I gave my pinion gears some more distance from the spur gear and ran it. I still heated up the motors. So manually put the...
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    "Also try putting her in neutral and make sure...

    "Also try putting her in neutral and make sure the truck is rolling smoothly as well"

    How do you put it in neutral?
    And It heats up about 5 minutes into the first set of packs on the first run.
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    I'm still running the factory spur and pinion...

    I'm still running the factory spur and pinion gears and I recently oiled all the bearings and I haven't seen snow in West Texas for years. These new motors have less than 5 runs on them and they...
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    My E-Maxx keeps burnin up my Titans

    I was running 7 cell 3300's & 3000's batt packs and fried two Titan motors. Since then I added aluminum heat sinks, the Traxxas aluminum custom machined motor plate, and I've replaced the Tamiya...
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