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  1. Thanks for the reply. I can just upgrade for...

    Thanks for the reply. I can just upgrade for $140. I already have a Hobbywing Max 8 so might as well go that route next time. I seen rebuild kits for other motors, I really enjoy working on my E-Revo...
  2. Velineon vxl 6s 2200kV brushless rebuild kit?

    My motor began smoking after replacing my esc with a Hobbywing max 8. I used the program card and had the esc tuned down not even at full settings. The motor made a whining sound after 30 minutes of...
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    vxl 6s esc stuck in program mode

    I was just out playing with my E-Revo when I brought it inside and charged the batteries. Hearing the tune I knew it was ready to go play. I plugged up my batteries and I get the red flashing light...
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