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  1. Traxxas 4175 Paddle Tires on Stampede 4x4 Rear?

    Would the paddle tires 4175 work on the electric stampede on the rear? I bought these intended for use in the rear and I keep getting mixed answers saying that they can and they can't but apparently...
    The outer part of the bearing...
  3. URGENT Need Help On Bearing Stuck In Velineon 3500

    My bearing in my Velineon 3500 completely self destructed and now the outer part of the bearing is stuck in the motor and I donít know how to get it out. Any recommendations? Pictures show a lot,...
  4. Super Low Runtime On "Fully Charged" Batteries

    My Alias shuts off as soon as I get it into the air(with the beeping warning), even though the batteries are charged and read the 3.7 volts. Any reason why this is doing this, ive seen some people...
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    I just realized that looking back at the manuals....

    I just realized that looking back at the manuals. I guess that's why my motor gets pretty hot when running it.
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    Stampede 4x4 Upgrade Reccomendations

    Does anyone have any suggestions for upgrading my Stampede 4x4(Model# 67054-1)? Heres a list of what I have already did.
    -Upgraded Driveshafts - Traxxas CVDs in the Rear and Tekno M6s in the Front...
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