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  1. cheers ill give it a go in the morning. iv...

    cheers ill give it a go in the morning.
    iv tried so many combinations iv got in a muddle.
  2. the throttle shouldnt move the shift servo whats going on

    just sorted a problem with my transmitter doing odd things got a different one now but iv had all the electrics unplugged and refitted and now my throttle servo seems to move the shift servo when...
  3. throttel and shift servo activating at same time

    Hi i had a jittery throttle and and i fizzled it down to my transmiter having a problem. i had a spare and sorted the problem.
    but in the mean time i screwed about with the opti drive settings, iv...
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    Upgrading a 4909 to 4907 spec

    Hi I previously owned a 2.5 classic. Loved it and went out and bought a 3.3 on eBay assuming that all 3.3
    Tmaxx are revo spec. Now I know. Iv compared it to the classic and pretty shore it's a 4909...
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