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    Missing Forums?

    Where did the Maxx forum go?
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    X-MAXX and MAXX chassis extension?

    I got to thinking last night on how hard it would be to extend the chassis by one inch.
    If you cut the chassis in half right before the servo, all you would need is a extended drive shaft.

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    Maxx Antenna Relocation

    For some reason the little screw to hold the antenna down is no longer doing its job, and the antenna constantly comes out and flops around.

    Could I just got glue it sideways somewhere?
  4. The Hobby wing EZRUN Brushless 4274 SL brushless...

    The Hobby wing EZRUN Brushless 4274 SL brushless Motor is a nice upgrade and is on sale right now for only $82.
    Paired with the Max 8 or the Max 6 will make it bullet proof. I personally like the...
  5. I had the same problem TWICE, the first time,...

    I had the same problem TWICE, the first time, Traxxas made me send in my whole car and I was forced to pay $125 for shipping. They replaced the ESC and one week later, the same thing happened. This...
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    Bigest motor?

    I just got a Hobbywing MAX 6 to put in my MAXX and was wondering what the biggest motor is I can fit into there. The MAX 6 Slightly smaller than the stock VXL 4s. Ive seen someone fit a Hobbywing...
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    Belted tires for the maxx?

    I'm looking for some belted tires, the only ones I can find are the 6" proline wheels that go on the e revo 2.0
    I currently have redcat kaiju tires and love the width and size over stock! ( 3.15 x...
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    Second ESC Critical Error

    Got a new Maxx one month ago and about 7 rides later, the ESC went bad with critical error and I had to send it back to Traxxas... Paid for shipping too ($125)
    Got it back 2 weeks ago, put about 7...
  9. Noticed today that my front drive shafts are wobbling..??

    Today while cleaning, I noticed that my front drive shafts on my Maxx are wobbling, causing a noise and vibration. I'm just wondering what could be causing this? I'd like to fix it before any...
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