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    Unhappy trx 2.5 revs too high and takes off in reverse

    i just got my first tmaxx yesterday for my 16 b-day, it is the 2.5.
    so of course i am extremely excited, we had decided to completely break it in last night at 10:30 p.m.

    we tried for 1 hr to get it started, after 3 glow plugs and repeated un flooding procedures, we turned the high speed adjuster on the carb 1/4 turn counterclockwise. We got it started, **** yeah, but it wouldnt go into gear, (). So i flip the red shifter switch on the transmitter back and forth, NOTHING. I switche servo switch on the transmitter and the thing revved so high i thought it was going to blow. then it took off in reverse.

    what did i do wrong or what didnt i do. Plz help i want to turn this sucker out so bad.

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    all i can say is read the instructions over and over again. You dont want to mess up break in its the most important part in owning a car.
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    Are you sure that the servo switch isn't switched the wrong way? So when you go forward with the radio, the car will go backwards etc.

    Also, you have needed the extra fuel by richening it that little bit because a new engine is tight, and it may have needed that extra oil in the fuel to lube it and let it turn over easier.

    Hope this helps,


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    When I got my 2.5 the idle was too high and the lowspeed needle was too lean. The way to start the T-Maxx is to put your finger on the exhaust pipe and key the starter. watch the fuel flow to the carb and listen to the engine start. Should take 2 seconds. As the engine starts, take your finger off the pipe end. The instructions all say to set the HSNeedle first., But how during breakin. Best set the LowspeedNeedle and idle first. THe LSN set by the pinch test. Pinch the fuel line, the engine should slightly speedup and die. My guess is its lead so go richer. 1/16 turn at a crack. After breakin, then do the full speed pass and set the HSN and the LSN again. The breakin of the 2.5 right will assure the T-Maxx will operate a optimum. Oh, use 20%nitro/18%oil. Traxxas 20% or Wildkat 20%/18% works the best for me

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