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    Angry can i get some help!!

    ok, i got my new t-maxx about 2 weeks ago,the thing didnt have a washer on the idle screw so it was taking to much air.thats why it was reving high.when i would try to turn the truck off by clicking off the servos,it didnt turn off,and the manuel doesnt tell u how to turn it off,when my fathertook it back in to get it fixed the guy just simply turned off the switches,or thats what my father siad when the guy ran it for i need to know if i got to pinch the fuel line,or just turn off the servo to the truck to turn the engine off ok thanks fellow t-maxxers
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    I'm not a T-Maxxer in any way, I despise all large 4wd RC trucks.

    The answer to your question is simple and is in the most important part of the manual... the engine break-in section.
    Page 33; Tank 1; #4:
    When the fuel tank is nearly empty, shut off the engine by
    pinching the fuel line connected to the carburetor.

    Also on Page 45; After-run Procedure; #1:
    Whenever possible, shut off the engine by pinching the fuel
    line closed.This allows most of the excess fuel to be
    consumed by the engine. Be sure the throttle is in the idle
    position.You may have to pinch the fuel line closed for
    several seconds before the engine stops.

    And you could have looked in the index:
    Page 46; Engine; shut off - page 45

    I suggest you read the manual several times before you decide to start the engine again.
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    y dont u like large 4wd trucks? i bet they are too cool for you
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    I also do not like big trucks. I like on-road, that's why I have a 4-TEC. And yes, pinching the fuel line I have found is the best thing.

    Hope this helps,


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