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    Smile .21 Conversion Finished!....somewhat

    Got my .21 conversion finished a couple of weeks ago and it's absolutely insane the speed and torque. I still have it running rich and the thing just screams and blows by my friend's stock T-Maxx. I used the Hardcore Racing .21 kit and the OS RG-X (P). I haven't went full throttle yet. I still have the plastic drive shafts, stock tranny and diffs. I'm gonna fix stuff as it breaks and I'm just trying to be nice to it and get to drive it for a while.

    I just put the RC Raven dual rate springs in and put 60 weight shock oil in my big bores and the suspension is nice and tight now (even with all the added weight)

    I'll post pics and some videos soon. I used a DV cam and the video came out good, until I encoded them to Windows Media. The sound got out of time with the video. Next time I will just use MPEGs like I should have in the first place.

    Thanks for all the guideance and help while I was getting this monster together. It was appreciated!


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    so what was the overall damage of your wallet/bank account by the time this thing was done?

    I've been thinking about the upgrade also, but some of the kits seem pretty high for what your getting....
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