Tips for best results when asking questions

In order for you to obtain the information you are requesting it would be to your best interest and to others that are here offering their assistance if you could supply a bit of back ground.

1. Always use the search feature before starting a new thread, you may find your answers sooner and not repeat a question that has been posed numerous times previously.

2. State what engine you are referring to, ie; .15 Pro, 2.5...etc.

3. When asking questions specifically about tuning it helps to know :
a) your operating elevation which can be found by clicking here
b) plug type
c) fuel brand and nitro% content
d) are you using any after market parts ie; pipe, header, air filter, boost bottle or other.

4. Stick to the basics and only elaborate on the things relevant to your issues.

5. It also helps when you state your current settings and we always like to know if you have tried defaulting the settings and re-tune as per the owners manual.

6. Navigate the entire Traxxas site, there are a lot of useful articles.
You will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view some of these pages.

"How-To" Guide

7. Make sure you ask it in the correct forum which pertains to your specific issues.

8. Make sure the subject line is specific to your question.
Lines like "Please Help" tell us nothing about what the problem is and are often ignored. Descriptive headings will get the best results.

9. If you can not find what you are looking for you may call Traxxas toll free 1-888-872-9927

10. Click here for all of the customer support information you could possibly need

11. Most importantly show appreciation to those who help you, a little kindness goes a long ways.

Thank you