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    tmaxximum fun

    what do u think?

    how fast will the nitro vee go with the following upgrades?

    TRX2.5 engine
    octura props

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    You need to get a tuned pipe to see any difference with the 2.5
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    uhhh, not if your upgrading from a trx pro .15. the 2.5 will give you substantially more takeoff and a little more topend. with an octura you could push maybe 35mph depending on the prop. i have the 2.5 with the stock prop, i havent had enough water to run it yet though, ice is the worst.
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    Where is the aftermarket ?

    Hi everyone I have my NV for a year now I purchased it after having so much fun with the Maxx I would like to upgrade is the 2.5 you have installed a maxx motor or has Traxxas released the water cooled job . For it's size I think a little more speed would be fun so far I've upgraded the cooling . Thanks in advance for any and all advice .

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