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    Post >>Rules of the Market Place<<

    Rules of the Market Place

    The Market Place was created to give Traxxas users a place to buy, sell, trade and request Traxxas products. It is a kind of value added perk to owning a Traxxas product!

    Traxxas is not liable for any transaction in the Market Place. If you have a problem with a sale or purchase, work it out with the other member. Do not ask Traxxas or any of the Mods/Marshals to get involved.

    The Market Place is not intended as a place for you to run your business. If you are purchasing vehicles to sell them as parts (chop shop) or if you are buying vehicles just to sell them again (Flipping), you will need to find a different place to conduct your business. The Market Place is for Traxxas users to sell their personal Traxxas products.

    You can only sell or buy accessories and parts made by Traxxas. Do not sell or request non Traxxas parts or upgrades. We do not run a board to advertise other manufacturer’s products.

    When posting any transaction in the Market Place you must provide pictures of your item and the price you are asking at the time you post the listing. Provide a clear description of what you are selling or trading. Without these things your thread will be deleted. Be considerate and don’t post huge pictures. Keep the pictures to 640 x 480 or less. This way the pictures fit on most monitors. This can easily be accomplished with any photo editing program.

    The only non Traxxas items that are allowed in the Market place are those items that you have already installed on the vehicle (Like a different speed control) or that will be used with the vehicle you are selling (ie, battery, charger, transmitter).

    Do not link to any sale on any other site. If you are selling your vehicle on e-Bay, sell it on e-Bay.

    If you want to sell a Traxxas product but you don't have an idea on the going rate, please post a Feeler thread in the sub forums. Do not post these questions in the Market Place.

    Thread bashing is not allowed. If you think the price is too high do not buy it. There is no need to post negative comments in the thread.

    Only post one thread for the items you are selling. Multiple threads for the same items will be deleted with a friendly warning.

    Thread Bumping allowed once per a 24 hour period in the Market Place. If a member replies on your thread, that is your bump for the day. If you need to edit your thread, but your editing time window is up, contact one of the Market Place Marshals via PM for further assistance.

    If the thread does not belong to you, then there is no reason for you to give out free bumps.
    Once your item has sold or is otherwise no longer available post “sold” or “ended” and it will be removed. All posts older than 14 days with no activity will be removed.

    Posting links: If you wish to post a link to pictures of your items you may do so, but your thread must conform to the above guidelines.

    Members are not allowed to provide their personal manufacturing/painting services in the MP.

    Asking for free parts or vehicles is not allowed in the Market Place.

    The Market Place is not for conversations, we have other sections in the Traxxas forum for that. Do not needlessly clutter threads with chatter, use the PM option.

    Your behavior and posting habits in the Market Place are closely monitored. If you do not follow the posted rules you will earn points. Your thread may be removed along with your Market Place privileges.

    Most of all have fun!
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