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    Nov 2014
    upstate NY

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    May 2014

    Update to my baby
    2.5r Pede, 2-speed O.S.21tm rusty , 3.3T-maxx

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    Nov 2014
    upstate NY

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    Rustler 3.3

    New here but I'd like to throw my hat in the ring. Here's my Rusty, still upgrading it slowly but its just about where i want it. As you can see it's not technically a 3.3 yet, but i will be heading down to my local hobby shop soon to pick up the 3.3.

    She's got an electric front end on her, which i converted to more easily fit aftermarket wheels. Went with all stock electric parts because i wasn't sure if it'd work or not, but as things break they'll get upgrades. Have new front and rear Pro-Line Powerstroke shocks coming in by the end of the week.

    Front end

    She's also got a brand new set of Pro-Line Dirt Hawgs on all 4 corners (i painted the letters white). Constant velocity steel drive shafts, RPM rear shock tower, and there's also a brand new body from JConcepts on its way too.

    Rear and Drive Shaft

    Misc Shots

    There she is, i'll post more pictures when i get the shocks, body, and engine in her. Message me if you have any questions about her or anything in general.

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    This is an old boy, a 27mhz 2.5 rustler that I converted to 2.4Ghz with a FS-GT3 and 2.5R. 18 Tooth clutch bell / 72 tooth spur to compensate for the enormous tires. Waterproof servos/receiver, new pro shocks, tigerdrive starter. Tuned to 20% nitro, electrics run on 2S lipo with 6V step-down converter.

    Seen here with "snorkel" air filter extending out of rear window for wet weather running and LED lights for night/winter visibility.

    And my BB revo (JL .28 Max) peeking in the background.

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    Arms all around
    Front rear towers
    Castor blocks
    Steering blocks
    Rear carriers
    Traxxas steel drive shafts
    Big bore shocks with blue springs
    Traxxas tuned pipe
    2.5r head
    Sealed reciver box
    High tourqe servos water proof
    Red cat fuel filter blue
    Chrome all start wheels
    Proline diet hawgs
    Still looking for a rear bumper/wheelie bar.
    Slash sct3, nitro rustler

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    Sep 2002

    Dusted off my old beaters. =)

    The wheels shined up nicely. =)
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    Keep On Wrenchin'

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    Hey guys, it has been a few years since I posted anything on here. I bought my Rusty back in 2006 and was a regular in the forums. I've been traveling a lot due to my job and have moved several times over the past 6 years so I had to put the hobby to the side. In fact I hadn't even started up my Rustler since 2012. Took it out of the closet this past weekend and it started right up. Here are a couple recent pictures.

    These were taken back in 09.

    Back when I had an OS .21VZ-R turbo installed. This thing was ungodly fast. I was replacing the planetary gears constantly. With that much power it was pretty much undriveable so I ended up putting back in a 3.3

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    Here are a few pics of my nitro rustler. I just got a new pair of shoes for her yesterday. Proline Moabs on the back and Dirt Hawgs on the front.

    I don't know why but it wont let me post attachments. Sorry.
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    In the process of finishing this up. Need to add decals, install RPM bumper when it arrives, set the radio system up, install fuel lines and break in the engine:

    • $50 Nitro Rustler Roller
    • $50 NIB Fantom FR12 (40k+ redline)
    • Fantom pipe
    • Duratrax wheels/tires
    • HPI RS4 MT Baja Beetle body
    • a little cleaning and polishing

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