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    Angry Clutch Bell And Spur Gear Conflict...

    Hi, i have a problem. Recently i have changed my spur gear transmission with RRP STEEL spur gear 72 and when i have race with my t-maxx, aften some minutes of run the cluch bell is damaged! Then i have changed the STEEL spur gear with original traxxas plastic spur gear 72 and changed original traxxas clutch bell with racer edge clutch bell!. When i have race, aften some minutes of run the spur gear (original traxxas) is damaged!

    I'm very very sorry for this....

    Now i have changed my t-maxx with 21 conversion (90% alluminum parts) and changed engine with picco 26 big block: WHAT TYPE OF SPUR GEAR AND CLUTCH BELL I MUST USE?? PLASTIC OR STEEL?

    Thank you so much!


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    First off, the proper gear mesh is very important. You should slide the Engine towards the Spur gear until the clutch bell gear just seats to the spur gear, but far enough in that you have almost no gear back lash, and tighten the engine in place. Then to make sure it is not too tight take a small piece of paper cut in about 10 mm strip. Run the paper strip between the gears, if the paper gets cut once it goes through the gears, you need to back the engine up just a little. Make sure you tighten the engine down each time you pass the paper through the gears, otherwise you may get the gear lash correct then as your tightening the engine it could change the mesh adjustment.
    If the problem still persist, then your 26 may be causing “Chassis Flex” this happens when the engine has enough torque to flex the chassis and the gear mesh becomes either too loose or too tight under heavy acceleration. The only thing I can think that would help with chassis flex would be a heavier chassis or perhaps a piece of aluminum bar stock just thick enough to be placed under the engine right behind the flywheel and across to the other side of the chassis, and two bolts on each side of the chassis. This way the torque of the engine should just transfer across the width of the chassis instead of just the center.
    I’m just making educated guesses here, as I still run small blocks and the stock spur gear. In fact I have worn out 2 engines and on my 3rd and still am running the same spur gear that came with the truck. I do have some spares in the parts box just in case.

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    may be you just have too much power
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