The purpose of the Traxxas Online Community is to provide a place, free of charge, where Traxxas fans can exchange tips, tricks, ideas, information, and help other members. They can brag about their vehicle and share their enthusiasm for the hobby with others. Some of the benefits of the board include the ability to get help from other board members at all hours, a place to sell used Traxxas items, a place to make friends with similar interests, and the ability to find other Traxxas owners close by.

The Traxxas Online Community is not a public message board in the sense that any and all content is allowed. It is a private online community that is heavily moderated to maintain a friendly, fun, family-oriented atmosphere. It is open to both children and adults. We reserve the right to remove any posts and any members that choose to disrupt the atmosphere we are trying to maintain.

The Traxxas Online Community is not intended to be a substitute for Traxxas customer support. If you are having a problem or have questions about your Traxxas model call us first at 1-888-Traxxas or e-mail