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    Online Community Behavior (Rules)

    As a member of the Traxxas online community, you are expected to follow the rules of the community to help us keep the content friendly and relevant. These rules are intended to reduce the number of pointless, irrelevant threads that tend to clutter up message forums. This clears the way for easier and faster navigation of the remaining interesting and useful content. We have identified some behaviors that are detrimental to the community goals and do not benefit other forum members. While itís important to read all of the community rules, here is a brief overview of unacceptable behavior that the moderators will be watching for. Some of these rules are subject to warning penalties from the moderators.

    1. No foul or abusive language will be tolerated. Period. It has no place in our community. Attempts to disguise bad language or bypass the language filters will not be tolerated. If you disagree with us and donít think we should be restricting your language then we respectfully ask that you simply do not become a member of our community. There are other message forums that do not have this restriction.

    2. No personal attacks will be allowed. Youíre welcome to disagree with another memberís opinion but attacking (flaming) and insulting another member is not acceptable. Intentionally starting flame wars could cause your community privileges to be revoked.

    3. No degrading racial comments are allowed. R/C enthusiasts of all colors and ethnicities are welcome on the Traxxas online community. Racially motivated attacks or slurs will get you banned.

    4. No drug, alcohol, or tobacco references. Discussions about or references to drugs and alcohol that serve to promote their usage are not allowed. Traxxas encourages community members to be drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.

    5. No sexual references. Thereís no question that Internet is full of degrading sexual material and comments. This includes sexual innuendoes. The Traxxas online community is intended to be a ďG-ratedĒ safe harbor from that type of content. If youíre interested in that kind of material, go someplace else. It will not be tolerated here.

    6. No Politics. We prefer that members not get too involved in political discussions because they often result in flaring tempers and flame wars.

    7. No ďthis vs. thatĒ posts (ie Ford vs Chevy): These types of threads invoke strong opinions, flaring tempers, and often result in flame wars and mass penalties. These threads will ultimately end up being deleted.

    8. No Traxxas Bashing. This is the Traxxas online community for Traxxas enthusiasts. It will naturally have a pro-Traxxas bias. Itís simple. If you donít like Traxxas and wish to discredit us with your misinformed rants and opinions, then donít be a member of our community. Your posts will not be tolerated. You will not be allowed to wage your personal crusade against Traxxas in our online community. Go someplace else.

    9. No pointless complaining, moaning, and whining. This mostly applies to the operation and moderation of the online community. Members will be banned, threads removed, and so on based on the clearly defined rules. Publicly bemoaning the operation of the community and the way the rules are enforced will not put you in good favor with the moderators. If you have a legitimate concern or suggestion, PM a moderator or send a message to

    10. No advertising or spamming. It is our goal to keep the online community free from advertising and spam. We do not allow companies or individuals to actively market products, services, or websites to board members. This includes placing URLs into sigs. Do not copy posts into multiple forums.

    11. Linking to online retailers. Posting links to online retailers is permitted ONLY as a means of identifying a product or part so users can better understand which part(s) you use or recommend. If you are identifying a Traxxas part, link to to identify it. Links to promotions or contests are not permitted. Linking to online stores solely for the purpose of indicating where to find the lowest price is not permitted and is not the purpose of this forum. Note: Traxxas does not permit links to certain retailers. Links to these retailers will appear starred-out. Review your post and delete any starred out links. Updated 12/30/2011

    12. No dangerous or harmful posts. Posts that encourage members to participate in activities that we deem to be harmful or dangerous to members will be deleted (i.e. lighting things on fire, jumping cars over people etc.). Posts with links to sites with similar content will also be deleted. The posting member will be warned and could be banned depending on the content.

    13. No selling or trading of items manufactured by companies other than Traxxas. This applies mainly to the Marketplace forum. Traxxas items mean items manufactured by Traxxas. It does not include items made by other companies for Traxxas models. For those items, use Ebay instead.
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