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    Traxxas Warning System

    A warning system has been implemented on the community to provide a way to penalize members who repeatedly ignore the community posting rules. Following is an explanation of the warnings. See the rules for more detail. The warnings are set up on a 25-point system. Once you reach 25 points you will lose your posting privileges. If you want to be taken seriously in the online community, it is in your best interest not to accumulate warnings.

    • Penalty Box. This is where major abusers are sent for review. They are unable to post or further interact on the message board. A forum administrator will review their account and determine if they should be banned or issued a stern warning.
    • Language Abuse (Major). This is for large amounts of foul or abusive language. Not bad enough to merit a visit to the Penalty Box but bad enough that if it happens again you could be banned. (Warning points: 13)
    • Language Abuse (Minor). This is for using language that the filter blocks. Even mild profanity is unacceptable and will earn you 5 points. (Warning points: 5)
    • Bypassing the Language Filter. If you have to insert spaces or symbols in a word because the language filter blocks it, you should not be using that word here. (Warning points: 5)
    • Trolling. Trolling is purposely starting posts that will turn into flame wars. Get a taste for this activity and you will need to find another place to post. It is unwelcome here.(Warning points: 10)
    • Personal Attacks. If you can’t say something nice or at least constructive, don’t say anything. Being belligerent and insulting to other members simply won’t be tolerated. (Warning points: 10)
    • Traxxas Bashing. State your opinion or make your argument. Be respectful, stay calm, and post carefully. This is the Traxxas community and if it looks like you are just bashing us with misinformed opinions or rants, we will remove your post and apply 7 points to your profile. (Warning points: 7)
    • Spamming. This is when you make the same post in multiple forums. Put things where they belong. (Warning points: 5)
    • Private Message Abuse. This is spamming or harassing other members via PM. (Warning points: 5)
    • Flaming. Just like it sounds. It is much like a personal attack but somewhat more general. This covers the attacks that are not directed at other members. Ford vs. Chevy is a guaranteed flame war. (Warning points: 5)
    • Advertising. The only things you are allowed to sell on the Traxxas message board are your used Traxxas Products. Do not submit a thread to see if people might be interested in a product you are thinking about making. Do not try selling a product you make. Do not try to promote ANY commercial venture that you are involved in. We are not here to provide free advertising for your store or product. (Warning points: 5)
    • Drug, Sex or Alcohol References. Pretty self-explanatory. See the rules for more detail. Stay away from beer references as well as sexual innuendos. (Warning points: 5)
    • Selling Non-Traxxas Items. Sell your non-Traxxas stuff on E-Bay. If you try to sell or trade your paint ball gun, X-Box or non Traxxas R/C vehicle etc… here, your post will be deleted and you will receive 5 points to help you remember in the future. (Warning points: 5)
    • Linking to Sites With Inappropriate Content. This is simple. We maintain a G-rating on our board. Sites that you link to should do the same. As a simple rule of thumb anything that you would not want your 7-year-old daughter, grandmother, minister, Mother Theresa etc… to see is not appropriate. (Warning points: 5)
    • Dangerous or Harmful Posts. Making a post about lighting cars on fire, jumping your car over people, running into people, drinking fuel etc… is not showing a responsible side of the hobby. (Warning points: 5)
    • Multiple Posting. This is a milder version of spamming. (Warning points: 2)
    • Sig Length. Max sig length is three lines. Huge sigs will get deleted and you will receive a warning. (Warning points: 1)
    • Typing in All Caps. TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS LIKE YELLING!!!! Nobody appreciates it so avoid it unless you mean to yell. Of course then you will probably be running into problems with some of the other rules! (Warning points: 1)
    • Complaining about the Rules. The rules are there for a reason. If you do not like them it is probably because you have broken a few and have been warned. All we want is for you to follow the rules and have fun on the board. Complaining that your post was deleted or that you were warned will not improve your situation and will only serve to attract more unwanted attention. (Warning points: 1)
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