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    "Nitro" 4tec Build (Brushless Conversion)

    I picked up a roller from a guy I know for 40 bucks. Rigged a brushless system on it. Finally ordered a conversion kit and its become something crazy. Its a purpose built drag sedan. It ran a 2.1 @ 60 mph spinning all the way through 132ft on 4s. Not bad for its first pass with its new set up. Have aluminum pulleys, kevlar belts, and new foams on the way now. Always looking for old aluminum parts for this car.

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    performs as good as it looks. i really like that v-series body.

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    Wow, looks nice. I bought a 4tec pro from someone on eBay and they have a bunch of aluminum parts for sale, I think their name is rcdealshere.
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    99 worki g on one right now. Where did you get the conversion kit?

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