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    Exclamation Nitro Vee Gallery! Post Pictures!

    Quote Originally Posted by cooleocool
    Post your Traxxas Nitro Vee pictures and videos here!

    We will start off with the rules :

    For starters, this thread is for strictly for pictures and videos of your Traxxas Nitro Vee. If you have a question about someone's boat, upgrades, etc please send them a personal message.

    Secondly, The maximum picture size IS 640x480. If they're larger, they will be removed.

    That's pretty much it. Remember to keep the gallery clean of "chit chat" and you should be a-ok.

    Enjoy it guys!

    Signed your friendly neighborhood cooleocool.
    Updated 8/1/2007. -cooleo
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    link to alblum for my traxxas boats

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    2002 Traxxas Nitro Vee, 2005 Traxxas Nitro Vee, 2005 Traxxas Blast, and maybe a Villain or 2 if I can find a good deal from someone?!

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    Thumbs up My NitroVee

    All the usual goodies installed such as: Cooling upgrade, bigger prop, spin fins, pipe, custom paint. Plus electric start and return to shore are retained! Hope you like!

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    [IMG][IMG][IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]more photos of finished[ product after some hard use[IMG][/IMG]

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    This is a 2.5 nitro vee.

    It has:
    • A x637 octura
    • Graupner u-joint
    • Homemade trim tabs s/s
    • prather spin fins.
    • Modified t-maxx header (smooth bend was tricky) and polishedmacs pipe polished
    • Oversized steering rods and reiforced
    • Bearings in outdrive and engine side of tube
    • Polished head
    • aeromarine water pickup
    • micro switch to run rts motor (a must have mod)
    • homemade 7 cell duracell battery pack(this woke up the servos)
    • reiforced transom with antifreeze jug cutout and shoe goo
    • added s/s plating for a little bling and in bilge area for weight and lower center of gravity

    Edited for image size. Please keep all images to 640x480 or smaller. Thanks. -cooleo

    PS: I also formatted the post for you!
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    my Vee

    hey guys! i was just wondering what a good place to look for great hop-ups for the nitro vee would be, or even custom ideas that you guys hav tried and u hav found to work really well.

    anyways, this is my nitro vee so far. i found it in the trash and had to bondo up a lot of cracks in the hull. i also included a brand new TQ3 3 channel system to operate a remote start(glow plug operated by AAA1.5V battery, starter motor operated by 6 cell 7.2V NiMh RC18T rechargeable battery). in the pictures the battery isnt hooked up but u can see the new traxxas nigh output plugs where it would be plugged in, and also the blue micro servo that operates a regular industrial switch. the spring i used that goes ontop of the switch is actually a spring from the blue glow plug wire soddered to a cut to size push rod.

    im thinking about taking the 2.5 off of my nitro rustler and putting it in this, but i think i will be happy with this as soon as i get it in the water.


    Edited for image size. Please keep all images at or below 640 x 480 pixels. -cooleo
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