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    There are adults as well as kids participating in the Track/Buddy Locator, so please lets keep it rated "G" for all ages just like the rest of the Traxxas forum. Be the one to set a good example for others to follow.

    If you do not see your location, please do a search for it before you start a new thread. Doing so will keep the T/B clutter free, and easier for other members to find new R/C buddies.

    Spamming will not be allowed in the Track/Buddy Locator. It is our goal to keep the Traxxas online community free from advertising and spam.

    We do not allow companies or individuals to actively market products, services, or websites to board members. This includes placing URLs into sigs. Do not copy posts into multiple forums.

    Advertising of other forums is not allowed in the Track/Buddy Locator.
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