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    RB Innovations Supercharger

    Has anyone here had any experience with this supercharger for the t-maxx? Im seriously looking at buying one.

    Todd & Sheila H

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    This should help you out. Search results for supercharger.

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    Well I left this alone but then decided to come back and respond.

    I have experience with one supercharger as well as my latest twin engine supercharged maxx. My experience has been positive but thats where I am stopping. Not because I dont believe in it or because I got dooped in any way but just because the arguing that has always come of any post about superchargers is not worth the time. As soon as you offer up a little advice or experience you get swamped with nay-sayers.

    To be honest I am kind of tired of the whole debate and with the new forum policies I am not going to participate in any more debating which I darn well know will soon become an argument and then flaming that gets people banned from forums. This is not the place for that. Thats not what this hobby is about for me anyways.

    What I will suggest is to do the research and read everything you can. Take special note of whether the info is coming from experience or theory. Alot of so called experts who post and flame the most are the ones who rip on products they have never even seen much less tried.

    Many people add tons of hop-ups to their trucks that serve no performance gain but only add show and "bling-bling" and in fact they may hinder performance but when its for the engine its suddenly tabboo. Look at the "Aftershock System" by RC Trix it was slammmed up and down on this forum and now CEN has 2 on their new monster truck.

    I have not seen 2 maxxes in stock form race with the only exception to 1 being the addition of the S/C to see what happens. My trucks are heavily modified and vary from stock in gearing, weight, tires, suspension and other things beyond the supercharger so its not apples to apples. I could put up post after post and argue with people as I have in some cases but there is nothing in it for me so I am done with that. My trucks are what they are and I enjoy this hobby immensly.

    There is plenty of info available to make your decision so explore the search info and go from there.

    Do what is best for you and enjoy your truck.
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    this is gonna be my new set-up for my 2.5trx. I going with the sirius crank, rod, piston/sleeve, os 10j carb, nova head, and RB supercharger. Im just waiting on my 33 new bearings kit before I tear down my engine for the 3rd time. I've got a Vortech supercharger on my mustang and it gave me an extra 131 horsepower to the ground, so I'm all about a supercharger for my t-maxx.

    Here is my parts list so far.....

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    Thats gona be a pretty crankin' hybrid 2.5!

    The whole debate on the super charger deal is that most people say that a 2 stroke cant benefit from forced induction.

    I personally believe that the engine, and the super charger would have to be built as one. Most of the boost will just be blown out the exaust port, unless its timed correctly.
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