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    Onboard temp gauge?

    I bought a used MIP onboard temp gauge, and i don't really know where the best place to put it. Should it be at the very top of the cylinder,(not engine head) or should it be put on the engine head somewhere? I'm assuming on or near the bottom of the head. But i would like to know for sure where the best place to put it is.

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    i run mine 45 degrees off from the manifold coming off the engine and is wraped around the very bottom where the head and the engine mount together i am also using a aftermarket head.

    then i run the wiring out and around the gas tank and actually mounted it by velcro to the batt box.

    after installing and checking temps with his handheld gun i am only about 5 F off from the gun reading but have noticed the closer the line is to the manifold the higher the temps are off by.

    some of my names may not be correct but i am sure will know what i mean.

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    Here are the instructions from MIP's website.
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    for anybody else out there needing a temp gauge, I highly recommend Venom Racing's unit. It's cool cuz it tells you the highest temp you hit and that is really helpful if you have over-heating issues like I did.
    check them out at They have a nice deal where you can get it with a fail-safe and save some bucks as a package.
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