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    Question Pre-sets on T-Maxx Carb.

    Anyone know what the pre-set is for the carb. on the T-Maxx. I just bought one and ran the first 3 tanks with no problem. On the 4th tank, I started noticing stalling problems when I hit the throttle.

    I made a whole bunch of adjustments to the idle and the mixture and now I can't get it started. I did not mess with the other setting at the lower part of the Carb. (Whatever that's for) I figure if I go back to the origional settings it may start again.

    Any suggestions??? I don't want to mess it up any further. I did put after oil in it after I shut it down after the 3rd tank.

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    look on the traxxas home page. it is located somewhere on there.
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    You'll find the default settings here. They are also in your manual.
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