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    Videos and their contents.

    Lately we have had a lot of videos being posted. Most people enjoy vids and I do too. It's nice to see others having fun and taking the time to share it with the rest of us.

    The problem we are having is video content. A lot of songs have lyrics that are not "G" rated.

    From the Traxxas rules for Forum Behavior :

    • No foul or abusive language
    • No inappropriate hand signs or gestures
    • No degrading racial comments are allowed
    • No drug, alcohol, or tobacco references
    • No sexual references
    • No references regarding things of a violent nature (such as shooting someone)

    These same things apply to the content of videos. The best thing to do is probably not have any music and to make sure anything else is edited out before posting.

    Furthermore, you should also be mindful of the video content itself. Dangerous antics that could wind up hurting someone should not be present in any video shown here.

    • Jumping over people
    • Hitting people
    • Chasing animals
    • Animals chasing your RC
    • Doing things with nitro other than using it to fuel your RC truck

    Thank you!
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