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    Nitro Rustler won't start

    Hello Everyone,

    First of all, I am a total newbie to R/C Nitro, so please pardon any ignorance on my part regarding these machines.

    I just purchased a Nitro Rustler with the TRX .15 engine off of ebay. After 2 weekends I have not been able to get it to start. The engine cranks and cranks (to the point of draining the battery) but it fails to ever start. I have been told this is probably due to the carb settings, and I have tried adjusting the HSN and LSN, setting them to factory specs (HSN 2 1/2 turns out, LSN flush with end of carb) and even tried playing with various settings for them, but still no go. I have also replaced the glow plug/washer with brand new one from Traxxas as well as the header gasket.

    My question is, would it be reasonable to assume the engine needs to be rebuilt and if so what would be recommended to replace on it (besides the piston & sleeve). Thanks in advance for for any input on this.

    Forgot to add this:
    I have pulled the HSN and LSN from the carb and have cleaned them too. I'm using "Monster"(?) 20% fuel.
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