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    Compariable to 2.5R?

    I bought my t-maxx almost a year ago, brought it home and it didn't work, couple days later the guys at my local rc club told me I needed a new cooling head, piston, and sleeve. To get all this stuff would be around $160, so I decided to spend around $170 and jsut do the motor exchange program. What I'm wondering is if I should spend around $170 and get a new 2.5R, or spend $150 and get a megatech M16. I would have to wait a couple weeks for shipping on the 2.5, and the M16 is in stock at my LHS. From the people I've been talking to the M16 has more torque, and costs less, but is slower and less fuel effeicent than the 2.5R. I could care less how fast I go, I like climbing over stuff, so are there any other reasons why I shuld reconcider the 2.5R? Are there any other motors I can buy new for around the $150 of the M16?
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    I would spend the money and get a good .18, what are the prices like in Canada for an OS, Fantom, Sirio or Epic.
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    i got my sirio tx-18 for 300 (500 with all the bells and whistles like BB pipe, ms airfilter, machined mount...etc.) thats canadian....I also would dump money into a good .18, i love my sirio

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    The M-16 was decent upgrade if you had the older Pro .15 and were looking for a little more engine but it can't compare to the 2.5/2.5R engines.

    I would do the engine exchange.

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