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    PRO steering MOD for REVO

    Basically what you are going to need to do is remove the steering stops for the Steering assembly. This will allow you to turn sharper around tight turns. To really be able to get full turning radius from this mod it helps to have a controller that allows you to adjust the endpoint stops on the steering servo. This Mod is very simple to do and help a TON. The pictures are used from the June issue of car action they are not my pictures. I did not quite remove as much material as they did, I just ground the stops flush!

    Hope this helps

    The below pictures show just how much more steering you are going to gain from this mod!

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    I don't mean to rain on your parade, but...

    You do realize that this mod is old news, right? Sladen mentions it on both his Revo tuning guide and on the Revo Rocks Project page. Additionally, it's been covered on this forum a few times.
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    You can shave down the sides of the steering belcrank that goes between that peice to gain a little more throw, as it is right now my truck will rub the pushrods and turnbuckles on both wheels at full lock in both directions

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    Do you have to have servos other than the stock ones for this mod to work so you can adjust the endpoints or will it work just as well with the stock servos?


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    They will work fine
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