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    Lightbulb INSANE REVO for SALE!!!!chance ofa lifetime

    Well i am off to college and need to get rid of my rc. need the money. ITs in excellent condition!!
    Here's what it has; 40series bowties, traxxas response, teflon coated pivot balls, traxxas blue body, custom body w/ pics!!!, barely used full compression 2.5r, A proffessionally broken-in and tuned ostm18 w/ 2 tanks through....full compression. Tinity pipe, A barely used jr XS3 radio and reciever that is perfectly setup to race the revo.RTR. the trinity revo carring bag, The top of the line jr steering servo, all steering mods, ofna failsafe, upgraded jr throttle servo. The revo was bought less than 3 months ago, so everything is practically new. close ratio spur gear,a ofna starter box, and the ostm18 has a OS backplate. I will even include a toolbox full of all my tools if u would like them. The only thing u need to start this bad boy is a glow ignitor and fuel. This thing was my several time trophy winning baby and i wish i didnt need to sell it but i do. This truck was a majority time tq and has won many races.
    Katjim, another guy on these forums has helped me with my truck and seen it. I appreciate all your help Jim! So ask him about this truck if u need a second opinion, its beautiful!!!
    I am looking for about 750-800$or BEST me out!
    Here are some pics of the truck!

    I will be taking more pics of the truck and of the things included!!

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    check your pm


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