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    Cooling Head hotter than glow plug

    I have just installed a new engine on my Revo and have foun somdething interesting.... The Cooling head top is hotter than the glow plug area!?!?!? I know that you want to take the temp at the glow plug but this is weird.. I know that the exhaust can get hotter than the glow plug. According to my temp gun the cooling head is about 30 - 40 degrees in diffrence.

    What do you all think is going on?

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    Your temp gun is reading wrong.

    It is pretty much a physical impossibility that the top of the cooling head could be hotter than the glowplug area if the heat is being generated down by the glow plug which it is.

    It could be due to different emissivities of the two area you are taking readings from maybe be the top of the cooling heading will not be hotter than the glowplug area.

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    Heat rises. The top outside of my 2.5r head was always quite a bit hotter than the glow plug by 20 - 40 degrees. I do not agree that the temp gun is wrong necessarily. It could read differently on the plug and head due to differences in aluminum and steel. Read the temp at the glow plug as that will give you the best idea of piston/sleeve temps.
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    Hmmm. Yes, heat does rise but how can it be hotter than the source? Maybe the head [I]collects[\I] all the motor's heat and concentrates it at the top. Maybe. Still seems impossible for the top of the head to be hotter than the heat source itself.

    I doubt your temp gauge is defective, but it might be, as was mentioned, an emissivity issue.

    Regardless, as has also been mentioned, just take your readings at the plug and don't worry about it.
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