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    Project: Ultimate Basher *PICS*

    Well Project: Ultimate Basher nicknamed "Stretchy" lol isnt quite done but i got some pics. the tires are imex swamp dawgs. they seem to hold up well no sign of wear yet and they do great on all surfaces i was surprised how well they do if 5" WET grass lol. One of this pics is also of my work area all the other trucks are my dads race trucks mainly rc10gt's and one bad to da bone thunder quake lol. well enough chatter check out the pics. o yea i forgot yes that thing is stretchin over 3 tires yup my little suspesion mods do pretty good lol
    Garage- 2006 Traxxas T-MAXX 3.3- THS Racing curved Tuned pipe, Ofna 1400 mAh Hump pack, Brake mod, Mugen wing stay, braces, and ofna wing. soon to come powerstroke shocks, full VBS, next 3.3 will be EB MODDED!!!!! 4-tec- just for family get togethers. Revo 3.3, going to get it from hobby store next weekend!!!

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    first 2 pics are good but the 3rd link is bad
    my rusty got ran over by an suv

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