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    Revo 3.3 idle trim

    So I am a total newbie who was given an older Revo 3.3 with a bad engine. I put a brand new 3.3 in it and have it running well except for it is a bear to start.I usually have to pull and pull in till I am fed up with it at which point I pull the air filter and fill it with gas and she starts right off the bat. Even when she is good and warm the only way I can get her to restart is by cranking my idle trim. I figured it was the idle gap set wrong but when I look at it, its still about a paperclip width like I set it. I have tried opening the gap up some and that didn't help.I have tried going back to factory settings on all the needles a million times thinking I was just way out of tune.Nothing seems to help it start.Once she is running I am running about 230 to 250 degrees with plenty of speed and power. I am running Byron 20% if that helps anybody out. Just want to be able to not blow half my time I have to play getting it started and don't wanna have to pour gas down its throat if I can help it.Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me!

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    If at any point you have to move the idle trim to keep the engine running or start it the carb is not correctly set. You should not use the trim on the radio to adjust the carb.

    Put the carb back to factory settings (4.0 HSN, 1.75 LSN and 0.7-1.0 mm idle gap) with the radio on (steering and throttle set to "0") and adjust the linkages accordingly.

    New engines can be very fussy to start and keep running. Heating them up with a heat gun or hair dryer helps as well as dropping a couple drops of WD-40 or after-run oil in before its very first start helps.

    Question: did you put a new engine in or rebuild the old?
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    Amen on that.
    Also double check the glowplug that she glows nice and bright and since your using a pullstart using a fully charged glow ignitor to try and diagnose a little further.

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