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    Traxxas Revo Racing Thread

    I am starting an all new thread for our latest REVO project the F3 REVO. This truck will be based on the TRAXXAS REVO platform but will include all of the latest hop ups. But first I want to add the links to the other REVO racing threads as requested by the TRAXXAS forum moderators.

    Original long thread:

    Second thread:

    There are a few guide lines we need to follow so we keep this thread open and running. We need to make sure we adhere to the TRAXXAS forum rules.

    Also please do not ask for help about non-TRAXXAS related items.


    "How do I tune my O.S. .18TM?"

    If you have questions about tuning your TRAXXAS 2.5 for racing then feel free to post them here.

    We can mention and discuss aftermarket REVO parts but let's make sure we stay within the forum guide lines.

    If we can keep this thread informational and professional then we can have this tuning aid for quite some time and use it for future reference.

    I will start with posting Steve "Slaydaddy" Slayden's base REVO set up. This is a perfect starting point for just about any track you go to.

    Steve Slayden's Base Setup:

    Steve Slayden's REVO Performance Setup Guide Part 1:

    Steve Slayden's REVO Performance Setup Guide Part 2:

    First and foremost practice, practice, practice. Memorize the layout of your track. Know the throttle points, let off points, and braking points. Consistancy wins off-road races, not the fastest truck or best handling truck. If you combine all of these then you'll be pretty tough at your home track.

    Brian Kinwald told me something at the Snowbirds in 2002:

    "Keep it straight on all 4"

    Meaning: smooth on the throttle so you don't fishtail off the corners or jumps, do not use lots of air if not needed on single jumps, and try not to crash keeping it on all 4. Just because someone else can double a jump every lap, if you can not do it the whole race don't try. Save the trying for practice until you can double the whole run. You will make more time up (lower lap times) on all 4 than trying to get lots of air off a single jump.
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