Alright the best set-up I've found is about 400-450k I'm sorry I am doing this in my garage and I don't have a lab so these are estimates. I mixed close to have and half 300-500 and then added alittle more of the 500k and mixed it of all things in an empty pill bottle stirred as best as possible to make my mixture "it's thick" but this time I'm using nothing but diff silicone oil. 40-450?-40 and she hooks-up. There is no drag and I even work on my shift point and set it to shift within the 1st 15-20 feet and you can hardly here it shift. My front tires are still balloning but she pulling like a scaulded ape. The on power transfer evens out around the 20000rpm mark and levels out with a smooth power distribution to both front and rear. The straight 500k seamed to make it front wheel drive almost and the power transfer doesn't level out until around the 25000rpm mark.