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    Thumbs up Vintage Nitro Picture & Video Gallery!

    Quote Originally Posted by cooleocool
    Post your Vintage Traxxas Nitro pictures and videos here!

    We will start off with the rules :

    For starters, this thread is for strictly for pictures and videos of your Vintage Traxxas Nitro. If you have a question about someone's vehicle, upgrades, etc please send them a personal message.

    Secondly, The maximum picture size IS 640x480. If they're larger, they will be removed.

    That's pretty much it. Remember to keep the gallery clean of "chit chat" and you should be a-ok.

    Enjoy it guys!

    Signed your friendly neighborhood cooleocool.
    Moderators: Can you please "sticky this to the top of the Vintage Nitro Forum. It would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here's mine I took it out of retirement lol... I have been out of rccars for about to years but got the bug again!
    There's a 2.5 and disk brake conversion! and my sons arm..

    Edited for image size. Please keep all images @ or below 640x480. -cooleo
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    nitro "mutant" buggy. losi front and rear arms+ rc10 spur gear+ trx2.5= fun fun fun even added a disk brake.

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    hi folks

    just thought i'd share my hawk, back up and running well

    not many spares or hops around these days which is a shame...

    we dont stop playing because we grow old, we grow old when we stop playing.

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    MY Nitro Hawk. Picked it up 100% original with original body from someone who hardly used it -Original TRX .12 engine. I added associated 2-stage filter, Prolines all around, and a Proline body to dress it up. Pretty much a shelf queen now - with an occasional spin around the yard.

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    Here is the latest Hawk with a Tuned pipe!!! runs like a bat out of heck. its doing wheelies, burnouts. it never used to do that.

    Edited for language.
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    My 1992 Nitro Buggy

    here is what my nitro buggy started out as ...

    and here is the finished product i added bandit rear wheels and a RPM front bumper everything else is original including the TRX12 motor
    Nitro Sport
    Nitro Stampede

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    This isn't my original Nitro Hawk I had in '93, but it's one I recently built out of two I snagged off Ebay. It had an original TRX12 in it but I swapped my old Pro15 from the Nitro Rustler in. It still needs some Lunsfords, new fuel tubing, a body, and a decent steering servo. (and rear tires, among other little things) Would really like to find a cooling head that better matches the shock bodies or MIP 360 too.

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    cant hav my sig anymor becus it was over 3 lines?!

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