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Thread: Top Speed

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    Top Speed

    How would I calculate my top speed with 17T CB, Wide Ratio tranny, and 36T SG??


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    Ok here is the materials you will need .

    1.) Stopwatch
    3.)A friend with good reaction time
    4.)A cacutlater

    Step one , tune engine to perfection and get it warmed up make two lines in a street , parkinglot , watever , ten feet apart like this __________
    Step two

    Get to top speed then as soon as you hit the first line start the stopwatch , and stop this at the second . Remeber to get up to full speed before crossing the first , and second , line .

    Step three

    Do this several time and find your average time by adding up all the times , decimals to , and deviding them by the amount of passes you added up . Then fing your feet per second by dividing your average by ten (feet) . That is your feet per second then multiply it by.682 and WALAY mph .

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    With your 17t cb and your 36t spur with a wide ratio installed and at an estimate of 40,000 rpm's you should be going approximately

    54.9 mph according to

    and even if you aren't going at 40,000rpm's you're still flyin' pretty fast with that setup man!
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    3.)A friend with good reaction time
    that might be hard in my case.....

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