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    Cool Revo wheels on the Jato, coming soon...

    I am about halfway finished machining adaptors to use revo wheels and tires on the jato. I have finished the rears. They fit the jatos axle good and the axle pins fit in good. I have yet to fit them into revo wheels, but they should fit. They measure out.

    For the front I have to use a hex nut that fits the revos front wheels, since it's 4 wheel drive. But since the jato is 2 wheel drive, in the hex nut I need to machine out a spot for the bearing to fit into. After that I hope I can just slap another bearing on the outside of wheels and tighten them down.

    I'm not sure how much steering I will have. I'm gonna use my old stock bumper and cut it down to almost nothing. Just enough the screw on and have it keep the pins in place. I have not test fitted or even look at any revo wheels and it's related hardware yet. So I don't know how this will all go. I know almost 100% that the rears will work fine when I try tomorrow.

    If it works, it should look pretty cool. And, yes, I do know that I will have to change the gearing.
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    just goto the jato gallery page 4, somebody already did it, and said how he did it.

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    cool man this thing sounds like a monster in progress show us some pics when shes all done
    why does rc have to be so expensive.but its all worth it when you pull the trigger

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    JATOGTO - Maximizer makes some adapters for Tmaxx rims...I don't really know the offset of revo rims... so they may or may not work... but they could give you a good idea on how to make the fronts work.
    take a look in the Jato gallery... There is a pic of my Jato with Maxx rims and Panther LP tires. would look better with a further off set rim.. but I did not have any laying around.

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