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    Picture Posting Tutorial.

    This is an updated Picture Posting tutorial. I've added a few things to the original post by Misbehavin' and working with him have come up with this updated version.

    Lately we have been flooded with requests of how to post a picture into a thread or post. Therefore I'm going to break it down nice and simple (I hope).

    1) First you need a web host to upload the pictures to. You cannot link to a picture that is stored locally on your computer. If you can, then you have a worse problem than posting pictures and I suggest you visit another forum tailored to computer interests.

    The site you need to upload to must allow external linking from other sites. Your ISP may also provide you some web space, and is often the best choice.

    Other hosting sites you might want to try:
    RCPics You can only link from here. Direct posting isn't allowed.

    Note that the sites above were suggested by forum members. Image hosting sites often change what they allow you to do for free. So it's possible in the future that they may prevent pictures from showing up on the forums.

    2) Create your account on the host of your choice and upload your pictures. Note the actual web address of the image you wish to link to from the forums. To do this you can right click on the picture and select properties if you are using Internet Explorer, you can highlight the web address. Note, however, that all of the address may not be showing so you may have to scroll while highlighting the address. Then right click on the highlighted address and select copy.

    3) Now to the forums. Start a new post or thread(don't forget most of the forums already have a Gallery thread) and click on the IMG button in the menu that's above the area where you type in your post. Right click in the resulting box and select paste. After doing that select OK. Your post should now contain something similar to the following.


    Note that your picture location will be different than shown above.

    4) That's all there is to it. When you submit your post or thread, you should see your picture if you have followed the above steps correctly.

    A few other things about posting pictures.
    When posting pictures please use the "enter key" between them. This will stack the pictures in a column instead of a long line messing up the width of the forum.

    Keeping the text in a separate line also helps with the width.


    Pic of my truck:


    Not this:

    Pic of my truck:[img][/img]

    Not this:

    Pic of my truck:


    Not this:

    Pic of my truck:


    Again, note that your picture location will be different than shown above.

    This helps keep the posts easy to read and navigate.

    A of couple other misc. ramblings....
    Be considerate of others on the boards, make sure you keep your picture size to 640x480 or less. This way the thread easily fits on most monitors and is easier on the dial-up users. This can easily be accomplished with any photo editor.

    Also if anyone else has any free picture hosts that you can externally link to, PM them to a mod of that forum. One of us will add them to the list above. Mis' and I each host our own stuff and we would be hard pressed to list more than a couple of free hosts as we don't use them.

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