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    Talking Traxxas 4wd buggy...

    I think it would pretty dang cool to see a 4wd buggy from traxxas. They made the awesome Jato and the award winning Revo.. so why dont they make a buggy that will also own. Maybe a 1/10 scale.. or 1/8 scale. I know that made a buggy before, but its old school. I just think if they made a buggy with todays technology it would be sick nasty. Lemme know what you think about Traxxas making a 4wd buggy by posting more replies on this thread. Later guys.
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    I heard a guy say he went to some fair thing, where they showed RC stuff and the traxxas employees asked him about a buggy, so he was thinking they might possibly be in the process of designing one. how well it sells will probabally depend a lot on how well it races, and the 3.3 will be mandatory!
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    That would be awesome to see a 4WD Nitro or even Electric Buggy!
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    Well a true 1/8 buggy does not seem like it would be the 1st choice. Traxxas does not make a true 1/8 scale in anything. Everything is 1/10. Also the 3.3 would not be a good choice for a 1/8, not nearly the total power needed.

    Dont see them with a electric either. They seem more nitro biased now, with onle the warmed over Stampede and Rusty as "new" products in some time. BUT with all the new technology out there now, ie brushless and li-po, it would be fun.

    Maybe for them it would be best to make a Jato based nitro buggy. BUT the 3.3 would be overkill.

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