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    leftover fuel in exhaust?

    whenever i run (lately) i have noticed that whenever i pick up my jato and tip it to the left like this "/" fuel, or some kind of oil, comes shooting out of the exhaust. is this from my engine being to rich? and does the jato have those oil draining holes in the resonators? what effects could it have if i leave the stuff in there? i have a dual chamber chrome resonator.
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    there is oil in the fuel, which is what lubricates the engine. as oil dosen't burn aswell as nitro methane and methanol a lot of it will not burn, but will collect in the exhaust. it shouldn't make much diffrence to the performance of the engine, and it dosen't mean you are too rich. there should be oil collecting in the exhaust.

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    you might be a little too rich .... you should have a little oil in the pipe .... try starting it .... get it up to temp and bring it in running .... lift it to drain the excess oil .... then run it ........ as the engine comes up to temp its always rich .... check it like that before adjusting needles
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