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    OffRoad Tyres - Which ones and where from in the uk

    Hey All,

    Need to get me a set of off road wheels / tyres for when im not road running.

    I have a jato 3.3

    Any suggestions please? and prefereably with links to UK based places to get them from?

    Also am i looking for 2.2 or 2.8 wheels / tyres.

    Thanks in advance.

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    United kingdom
    There is not much choice of 2.8 wheels and tyres here in the UK other than the stock Traxxas stuff.
    If you change to 2.2 there is much more on offer. Mainly proline stuff. Proline products are distributed in the UK by CML Distribution. Any hobby shop can order these parts for you from CML.

    They also distribute RPM wheels. Just make sure that you check the right wheels to fit the Jato both front and rear.

    I currently have RPM Bullys fitted to my Jato with Proline tyres. They fit really well with no mods necessary.
    Front wheels part number 82133
    Rear wheels part number 82123
    CML dont list these on their site but they can get them for you.
    These are the rear tyres that i have.
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    United Kingdom

    Both are really good service and have all the parts you need.
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    Simple as.

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    so can i stick 2.2" wheels and tyres on my jato 3.3? with no problems or parts needing changed?

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    You should be able to! If you want Jato sized stadium truck tires, I'd go with some Pro-Line Dirt Hawgs or my personal favorite, the HPI Geolandars.
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