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    FS: Nitro 4-Tec 3.3

    Bought this car new a month or so ago.

    Reason I am selling is because it is too fast for what I want to do and find myself driving the Revo 3.3 all the I rather sell before I make a mistake a crash it....

    We all know the specs on it, but the important things are:
    - Engine break-in period by the book
    - After run oil used all the time(not WD-40)
    - Nitro Fuel used = Byron 20%
    - Engine break in with Byron break-in fuel 5 tanks (it has more lub in the fuel)
    - I bought half gallons of fuel and there is only about half of the 1/2 gallon bottom line there is only about 1/4 gallon of fuel or so ran through the engine (after break-in period)

    The original glow plug is still in the engine! So I will include a new Traxxas glow plug because the original one might go soon....

    I was going to tune the engine, but its soo fast that I just left it...It was really hot a few weeks ago and I made it about 1/8 turn leaner. The Low Speed has NOT been touched at all!

    The engine is still like new...I try to turn then engine over with my finger and it won't the compression is like new on the engine!

    I used to the stock tires that came with the car but after the break in period, the right rear tire rubber had a rip in it so I bought foam tires. (From what I read the stock tires are junk and I agree)
    The foam tires work amazing and are still in good condition.

    I bought new HPI X-pattern tires that I never drove on. I bought both, but once I used the foam I never used them so they are new.

    The filter oil and easy start are NEW and still in the package (I used my parts from the Revo)

    Here are some pics.....I would like to keep it but I do not use it like I was hoping too.

    Any questions please ask.

    I paid $350 so I was thinking $280.

    I can take more pics if needed

    I ship FedEx Ground and provide a tracking # once it ships.

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    ill give you 250fo it

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    is this still for sale?

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    I need pics of the bottom
    4-tec Drifter!!!

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    It is still for sale.

    Replies back to all PMs.

    I will get a pic of the bottom. There are scratches from rocks because of my neighborhood, but this car sits soo low to the ground its impossible to keep it perfect unless its on a track.

    Let me know if there are any more questions.

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