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    pls pls pls help

    Hi Guys,

    Engine doesnt wanna start after a while get engine to start but idle not right and engine do not ref up high ref very low rpm.glow plug still fine and I turn the flywheel and can feel there is compression and carb is set back to factory settings.

    *Throttle Servo - when open throttle full the carb is not staible its running around when opening frottle wide open,

    And 1 more thing with what can I clean the TRX3.3 engine when its stripped

    Pls guys I need some help

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    To start off, if your carb is moving when applying throttle, you need to tighten the bolt to secure it. Otherwise, hard starting could be due to many different reasons.

    I'd start by fully checking the glow plug circuit. Take it out and ground the plug on the engine and turn it over (If you're using the EZ-start). The plug should get red hot really quick. Don't let it sit and burn for long though, just enough to check it.

    Next, I'd check that fuel is flowing properly. Your needles in the carb may need cleaning. I'd pull the carb off, remove the needles and flush it with Electric Motor Cleaner. Let it dry and put it back together.

    When cleaning your engine after tearing it apart, use Electric Motor Cleaner, it works great. You can find big cans in auto parts stores. Make sure to lube everything with oil when you put it back together.

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