Alright for all of you guys out there still using disposable batteries or taking the batteries out of your remote to charge them pay attention. Sorry if this has been posted before.

step 1. Go to your LHS and pick up a charger for a remote and the small jack to go along with it. (And 8 rechargable aa's if you don't have them) The jack should look like this:

Now remove the battery cover, batteries and crystal then unscrew the back cover of your remote.

Slide the computer board and battery tray upwards out of the slot that it rides in, remove the two screws holding it to the battery tray and flip it over.

Take 2 pieces of wire about 6 inches long and solder them onto the charge jack you bought. I used white and black wire. The white goes onto the top and the black goes onto the side.

This next picture shows exactly where to solder the other ends of the wire. The white is soldered onto the second solder joint in from the left side and the black is soldered onto the fourth joint. Be very careful when doing this not to accidentally join two solder joints on the board that are not meant to be joined.

Here is what the wires should look like soldered on

Put the batteries into your remote and plug the charger into the jack and see if the light comes on on your charger if it has one. If the light does not come on your charger is not standard polarity. If this happens switch the position of the two wires soldered onto your charging jack.

Remove the batteries. Drill a 5/16 hole in the case of the transmitter 1.5-2 mm to the right of the antenna

Get out your superglue and if you have it an accelerator helps alot